Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine for Women's Health and Pain Management


You are meant to thrive

You’re not meant to be a hot mess of hormones, stuck with inflammation gone wild, burdened by pain, and feeling like you’re in constant survival mode. If you:

  • Have exhausted the resources of conventional medicine and feel let down
  • Are struggling with infertility and wishing for empathetic, uplifting care
  • Have chronic pain that dictates your activities and leaves you feeling squashed

Let us work with you to give you the tools you need to sustain a new normal.

Your present health is not your destiny

You’re searching for the right blend of healthcare —the kind that honors your body, affirms your spirit, and nurtures your desire to thrive.  We believe there is strength that comes from being well informed, that empathetic care brings relief, and community fosters solidarity.

At Integrity Women's Health, we understand that there are seasons in life that can be overwhelming and our goal is to help you thrive along the journey.  Our collaborative team of healthcare practitioners comes together to support you: mind, body, and spirit.  If you are dealing with chronic pain, struggling to start a family, grieving loss, or feeling overwhelmed we are here to help you through it all.

We provide integrative, comprehensive care using acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, nutrition, yoga, and holistic psychotherapy for fertility, postpartum, and pain management issues. 

Accept possibility and get started with us! 

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"I started seeing Kindreth after experiencing the late-term stillbirth of my son and an early miscarriage. During the months that followed, I relied on her care and compassion to help me through the physical and emotional challenges of both grief and trying to conceive again. In addition to acupuncture, Kindreth recommended specialized yoga, coordinated with the traditional Western medical care I was receiving, and prescribed Chinese herbal formulations for various points of my cycle. I’m happy to say I am now expecting a second child, and I truly believe my treatment from Kindreth helped me conceive and bolstered this pregnancy through the first trimester. In addition to being smart, informed, and a great care provider, Kindreth is also incredibly supportive and relatable. I was particularly grateful for the deep empathy she had for my experiences with loss, and would recommend Integrity Women’s Health to any woman seeking acupuncture for fertility."  -Melissa, 23 weeks pregnant


"I first came to see Kindreth when conventional medicine was unable to offer a diagnosis or treatment options for the unbearable pain I was experiencing each menstrual cycle. Her care, attention to detail, and kind nature was such a breath of fresh air! I felt heard, supported, and hopeful that I may finally experience some relief. After 6 months of regular sessions my cycles are pain free and my overall health has improved tremendously. In my experience acupuncture, and specifically the care Kindreth has provided, has been able to bridge the gap between what conventional medicine could offer and the chronic symptoms I was experiencing. I am so grateful for her care and the healing power of this ancient tradition."  -K.A.

“When I started seeing Kindreth for acupuncture, I was getting migraines two and three days a week that were not responsive to OTC meds. At times, my migraines were severe and made me nauseous. I tried different prescription medications for migraines, which caused side effects that made them not worth taking. From my first appointment with Kindreth, I had a good feeling about her.

She has a wonderful bedside manner and really takes the time to talk to me about my symptoms and treat me accordingly. She also recommended supplements and other steps I could take outside of acupuncture to help with my condition. Initially, she saw me twice a week, and with each session, I felt improvement!

Eventually, I was able to reduce my sessions to once a week and then once every other week. I am elated to say that after a few months with Kindreth, I only experience mild, occasional headaches that are treatable with OTC meds. I would and have recommended Kindreth to everyone!” —K.P.

“I am so grateful that I found Kindreth during my pregnancy! During my late third trimester, I was having terrible low back pain. My midwife recommended I try acupuncture. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but at that point, honestly, I was willing to try anything! The treatments were so helpful—not only for the pain/distress, but it was also so easy to open up to her. Kindreth was warm and has a wealth of knowledge and gave me great strategies as I prepared for labor and delivery. It was easy to open up to her.

“One of the first places I went after the birth of my daughter was back to Kindreth and acupuncture! Those first few months were such emotional, fragile, and somewhat painful times as I adjusted to motherhood. Acupuncture helped ease some pains I was having in my arms and back—caused, I think, by a variety of nursing positions. Again, in addition to helping me through those pains, Kindreth’s supportive and knowledgeable presence helped me navigate so much more. She again provided great suggestions and strategies for my overall well-being in this very important time of my adjustment. Oh! and she listened to and normalized so much of my new momma worry about so many things.

I know I will continue to return to Kindreth and have recommended her to several of my friends who are expecting.” —K.A.P.

“Kindreth helped me find much-needed relief from some end-of-pregnancy pain and discomfort I was having. I left the office feeling rested, relaxed, and refreshed each time!

Then when my due date came and went, we worked on some pressure points to help encourage the contractions once they did start, and I truly believe that helped me have a smooth and seamless labor and delivery, which started the afternoon of my last prenatal visit!

Kindreth has such a gentle and compassionate way of being, which was exactly what I needed.” —V.L.

“I met Kindreth last year when putting together a workshop about the postpartum time. She came highly recommended to be a panelist due to her interest in working with women in the childbearing year. Her quiet presence and deep listening were key elements to the workshop’s success. Time and again after intense discussion among workshop members, Kindreth would reveal a thoughtful, brilliant epiphany that summed up our thoughts and moved us all forward.

It was Kindreth who said: “Birth is an everyday miracle. What’s a miracle? It’s something that makes us pause and think.” At the workshop, she shared her knowledge and skills in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine with the genuine empathy that comes from being a mother of two small children. Kindreth provided practical, relevant information for women’s optimal healing in the postpartum time while also acknowledging the emotional challenges and spiritual transformations women experience. She recognizes and advocates for a bio-social-psychological model in supporting new mothers to heal and fully recover. Kindreth is a true gift to our community of women. It is a true joy and pleasure to be in her company.” —Nancy Madru, MA, CLD, CPD, RYT.

“2 years ago, after suffering from 7 miscarriages, I started researching alternative fertility treatments. My doctor suggested I try acupuncture. THANK GOD for Kindreth! Acupuncture and cutting out caffeine were the only things I changed during my most recent IVF cycle — I worked with her multiple times a week for several months.

My pregnancy was filled with consistent complications including heavy bleeding for the first 22 weeks solid. Kindreth provided a calm, reassuring and therapeutic environment where I was able to be vulnerable with her and eventually leave treatment at 23 weeks with a healthy pregnancy.

I had a large blood clot in my uterus that would “give-way” every so often during the pregnancy. There was one acupuncture session where in my deep state of relaxation I (quite literally) had a vision of a large red mass breaking up and drifting off… and very soon after I was told by my doctor that the blood clot was “not readable on the ultrasound”.

I am a believer and I have the most amazing miracle of a baby girl to prove it.

Kindreth was a blessing to our family and I highly recommend her services for anyone seeking alternative services for fertility.” — D.K

“Kindreth embodies the elements of a gifted healer. She possesses the insight and clinical rationale of an experienced clinician as well as the compassion and insight necessary to treat each person as a unique individual. She is a warm, caring and intelligent woman who has a passion for women’s health. As her colleague, I feel fortunate to have her as a true collaborator who works in service to support women in their healing.”  — Patricia J. Young, PT, MS, DPT