Acupuncture for Prenatal & Labor Support 

At no other time will your body go through such rapid and tremendous changes than during pregnancy.

As you progress through the common, yet miraculous, process of creating a child, you may oscillate between feeling vulnerable and mighty, uncomfortable and beautiful, scared and courageous.  Acupuncture at any stage of your pregnancy can be a safe, gentle, and powerfully effective complement to your routine prenatal care.

In the early days of pregnancy, you may feel unusually tired, queasy, or completely sick.

As the months go by, your ligaments stretch, muscles begin to ache, digestion slows down, and your sleep becomes fitful. You are so uncomfortable that you’re not enjoying your pregnancy as much as you dreamed you would.

You don’t have to accept discomfort as a “normal” part of pregnancy.

Are you ready to enjoy being pregnant instead of feeling fatigued and achy all the time?

Acupuncture during pregnancy can help you:

  • Reduce heartburn
  • Relieve leg cramps
  • Improve sleep
  • Eliminate back and sciatic pain

By incorporating acupuncture into your routine prenatal care, you will experience less discomfort, improve your sleep, and reduce your stress. Your state of health during pregnancy can greatly influence your stamina for birth and your postpartum experience afterwards.

You can enjoy a more comfortable pregnancy.  Ready to get started?  Schedule an appointment today! 

Labor Support

Even the most composed woman has ebbs and flows of anxiety as birth gets closer.

If you are feeling anxious, you are not alone. Whether you are planning a natural birth or plan to have an epidural, it’s common to be nervous about the intensity surrounding what could happen in birth—labor pain, a prolonged labor, going past your due date, or an unwanted C-section.

Would you like to feel confident, grounded, and guided as you enter the birth process? Pre-birth acupuncture sessions will deeply relax you by providing an oasis for mental and emotional support as you prepare to greet your baby.

Receiving acupuncture from week 38 to birth can promote natural birth by gently softening your cervix and preparing your body for efficient labor. Acupuncture decreases your chances of needing an epidural, medical induction, or an emergency cesarean.

As part of your treatment, I will also teach you and your partner how to use acupressure so that you can effectively cope better with pain in labor.

If you want to put your body at ease and discover techniques for labor support please schedule a free consultation today!