Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome may start an entire week or just a few days before your period. You reach for the bottle of ibuprofen again, hoping to find relief from the cramping that radiates and feels like tiny drills through your lower abdomen.

You know headaches and breast pain are coming next. The day or two before your period arrives in full force, your insomnia peaks, and you become an emotional basket case. You feel so irritated and restless! Then, suddenly, with the start of your period, the hormonal storm subsides and the tension releases.

You don’t have to feel trapped by hormonal changes any longer.

Acupuncture offers you natural premenstrual syndrome relief by regulating the hormones that affect your sleep, mood, and onset of period. In addition to acupuncture, as part of your treatment, you will lear self-care practices and nutritional choices to support a healthy period. You’ll finally say goodbye to headaches, breast pain, and insomnia. You will gain a sense of emotional and physical peace throughout the month. You don't have to suffer another month with PMS.  

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The progression into menopause can be a brutal change for many women. You may oscillate between feeling irritable, anxious, and blue.

You may feel like crawling out of your skin or like you’ve gone mad! Out of nowhere, you succumb to a wave of heat, your face flushes, your heart races, and you feel self-conscious about the beads of sweat forming. Drenching night sweats cause you to wake frequently, you can’t quiet your mind, and you just can’t get comfortable. Your internal thermostat has gone haywire, and so have your emotions.

Are you ready to end the distress of perimenopause—the hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings, palpitations, and insomnia?

By acting on the areas of your brain that affect hormone levels, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine offer an effective and holistic solution to your unique combination of symptoms. After experiencing our treatment protocol, your body temperature will be more consistent, your moods will stabilize, and you will finally sleep soundly.  We will also help you to establish lifestyle choices that will support your body as you enter postmenopausal years of life. You can enter menopause with grace, feeling composed and comfortable in your body.

Perimenopause doesn’t have to disrupt your life any longer, we can help!