Acupuncture for Pain Relief

Chronic pain is a burden.   It impacts your mental health, your job, your ability to care for your family, and your self-worth.   You may feel isolated, angry, and discouraged if pain is preventing you from activities that you once enjoyed.

Integrative, holistic medicine is a well-established standard of care for treating chronic pain.

We believe that physical and emotional health is intrinsic and that pain management care must be individualized for optimal healing.

Your individualized care plan will help you:

  • Reduce your pain so that they you can participate fully in life

  • Improve your sleep

  • Learn the tools for self-care to release and stay out of pain

  • Discover food triggers or sensitivities that increase pain

  • Reduce anxiety and depression

  • Regain control of your life and feel supported during the process

If you are ready to break the pain cycle please schedule an appointment today! 

Please see below for specific information on Period Pain, Migraine/Tension Headaches, & Neck/Back Pain

Period Pain

How much period pain is too much? Do you dread your period each month?

There is a prevalent misconception that it is natural for your period to cause pain, a lack of energy, and fluctuations in digestive function. There’s a myth out there that it is normal to feel hostage to PMS. You don’t have to accept period pain as a normal part of life.   All types of menstrual discomfort are a result of chronic inflammation and a symptom of hormonal miscommunication.

Your period can be . . . uneventful.

Acupuncture works to soothe hormones, increase blood flow to the uterus, decrease stress hormones, and quiet chronic inflammation so that your life isn’t disrupted each month.

After a series of acupuncture treatments, you won’t have worry about missing work or school. Your period will no longer cause anxiety, stabbing pain, bloating, or overwhelming emotional swings. Your period will arrive, and you’ll still feel energetic!

If you’re ready to end your period pain please schedule a free consultation today! 

Migraine/Tension Headaches

Have you endured migraines-tension headaches for so long that persistent pain has become your norm?

Do you find that most days you can push through the dull ache, but then there are times when your daily activities are held hostage to this piercing, un-ignorable pain? Perhaps you miss work or school or can’t focus well enough to care for your family, and your body longs for a quiet, dark space to relieve the pain. You’ve tried various pain medications, but the trade-off between side effects and pain relief is unacceptable to you.

Imagine what you could do if you could change this pattern.You don’t have to accept a life of chronic pain. 

Acupuncture sessions target the underlying cause of migraine-tension headaches by decreasing inflammation, promoting restorative sleep, and calming the nervous system.

With acupuncture, you can break the migraine-tension headache cycle and gain lasting relief from pain. Your head will stop throbbing, you’ll no longer have piercing pressure behind your eyes, and your mind will feel clear. You will finally feel focused and energized.

Don’t be held hostage to headaches a moment longer. Please contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Neck Pain/Back Pain

There was a time when movement was effortless, and you were limber and carefree.

Now, neck or back pain causes you to move more slowly, more carefully. You feel tight and impeded. You experience spasms or shooting pain down your leg or arm that force you to rest and alter your movement. It hurts to sit or stand for any length of time, you struggle to carry things, and you feel worn out by the pain.

Your day doesn’t have to begin and end in pain.

With acupuncture, you can finally put an end to your pain and be set free to participate fully in life. Treatments are a combination of acupuncture and bodywork to unlock tight muscles, increase mobility, and reduce radiating pain.

After receiving a course of acupuncture treatments, most patients are able return to everyday activities, care for their family, and do housework without bracing, wincing, or asking for help. With acupuncture, you will regain movement, feel strong in your body, and be able to complete simple tasks— independently. Back pain won’t trigger radiating leg pain, and neck pain won’t flare headaches. You will sleep more comfortably and feel revitalized.

Neck or back pain doesn’t have to limit your lifestyle. Call to schedule a free consultation today.