Acupuncture In Modern Medicine Today

Acupuncture in medicine today is making a big splash in the media from reports on its use to support fertility treatments to relieving chronic pain.  

Did you know that the American College of Physicians now recommends gentle therapies for back pain including acupuncture, yoga and massage instead of surgery?  You’ll find that this ancient medicine is now integrated into conventional medical facilities like Dana-Farber, Brigham and Women’s, Boston IVF and Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine.

Acupuncture is no longer considered an alternative, but rather a complement to your conventional medical care.

At Integrity Women’s Health we specialize in treating women’s health issues ranging from fertility to menopause and chronic pain conditions including migraine and musculoskeletal pain. Kindreth Hamilton, L.Ac., has expert training from the Domar Center at Boston IVF for treating fertility issues as well as certification in Sports Medicine Acupuncture.®

When your friend raves about their success with acupuncture, your doctor recommends treatment or you’re simply curious to see if it can help you, please give us a call.  We welcome your curiosity and questions!